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pixel fx - Maryadana Ramanna
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MARYADA RAAMANNA - the blockbuster Telugu comedy film
Our first VFX project. Completed succesfully!

The climax scene in the Telugu blockbuster comedy 'Maryada Ramanna' was shot at the edge of a gradually sloping valley with a narrow and shallow river flowing below. However, the script demanded a wooden bridge connecting with two blunt-edged cliffs of a grand canyon separated by a steep ravine and a deep river.

The scene: The hero crosses the broken bridge on a small wooden plank and tries to ward of the villain and his henchmen from reaching him. The shot posed two challenges:
           1. Constructing a wide bridge over a canyon is very expensive and perhaps, close to impossible.
           2. Shooting at such a location poses a serious risk to the team.

Canning the scene by digitally altering the shot-environment with VFX was the only possible, economical and risk-free option.

Pixel FX was assigned the responsibility of altering the environment digitally to justify the script and de-risk the shot. Pixel FX accepted the challenge and executed the task to perfection. The team of VFX artists at Pixel FX helped the director achieve his vision for the crucial shot by elevating the drama through photo-realistic Visual Effects.

The gradual slope of the valley was matte-painted into a blunt-edged, free-falling and dangerous cliff. The shallow waters beneath were also matte-painted to reflect a deeper and more formidable water body. The digitally crafted bridge with supporting columns-an acquired asset, was composited into and match-moved to the final shot. Finally, colour-correction and clean-ups were executed to polish the frame for an incredibly natural and sparkling visual appeal.

Maryada Ramanna Maryada Ramanna
Maryada Ramanna Maryada Ramanna
Maryada Ramanna Maryada Ramanna
Maryada Ramanna Maryada Ramanna
Maryada Ramanna Maryada Ramanna
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